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May 18, 2007

"Didn't Know Diddly Squat"

The following is a story from the Chattanoogan.com about Kudzu grazing goats maintained by the city of Chattanooga to dine on as much Kudzu as they could possibly want. I got tickled at the guy who said he didn't know "diddly squat" when he first started using goats as lawn mowers, or in this case, forest mowers. You just have to know that "diddly squat" and kudzu are both truly unique southern phenomenon.

Common names for kudzu include: mile-a-minute vine, foot-a-night vine, and the vine that ate the South.
Get Your Goat
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Watch Out, Kudzu. More Goats May Be Coming To Get You Goat Browsing Academy Booked Solid
by Betsy Bramlett
posted May 18, 2007

If you've always wanted to learn all you need to know about goats and then some, you're too late. The first-ever Goat Browsing Academy is booked up solid.

Scheduled for May 21-24 at Greenway Farms, it's a hands-on course designed to provide producers and land owners with a basic understanding of proper management of goats to control unwanted vegetation.

For those not in the know, that vegetation starts with a "k" and ends with a "udzu."

When we started this last year, we didn't know diddly squat. We were shooting from the hip and in a hurry. Now, we've got some time to think about things...solar panels vs. electric fence, for example." ...........

Click on above link for the whole story.
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